Supreme cap - $60 or something? I don’t remember.
Club Monaco gingham shirt - $19.99 on sale a couple years ago.
The Source flannel - $64.99 retail.
H&M quilted jacket - $19.99 a few years ago
Nudie Thinn Finn, tapered a tiny bit, back stitching removed. Worn for a bit less than a year then had to wash’em. Washed once since then - Christmas gift from my dad WOO.
Clarks Beeswax Desert Boots, with Vibram Christy sole. I’ve had these for almost 6 years now, I think. Put the Vibram sole on a little more than 2 years ago and it might be time for a 3rd sole. - $130 then $80 for the soles to be hand-stitched on by Alpine Shoe Repair in Calgary Alberta.
Total: ~$375
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