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이십대 캐나다 X 한국
2011 이후 청소년 컬트

So, I live in Seoul now. Hongdae to be specific.

Had an incredibly shitty first night at some dumpy goshitel in Sinchon, but now I have this whole guest house to myself! It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a nice home base to find myself a permanent home.

Couldn’t be happier.

15 notes
  1. vendormouth said: thats insane! congrats
  2. thewildunknown said: Can you send us a cool postcard?!?
  3. sorakeem said: that’s near where my grandparents live! if I didn’t get the job I have now, I’d be there to hang out with you and Kimmy :c hope you’re having fun though!!
  4. srpantuflas said: congrats dude! :D
  5. mmistyroses said: This is so awesome!!!!!! Very jealous.
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